About The ROI of Good UX Design

Written by Thomas Sonck on 18-05-2019

More than half of the companies having digital interactions with their customers already understand how important a focus on good UX design is. Good UX design may raise some software development costs, but the return… View Article

UX well done #1 | Zara

Written by Thomas Sonck on 29-04-2019

There are many cases where user experience or UX has been implemented in a great way. One such example is the fashion store Zara. Zara has combined the look and feel of a physical fashion… View Article

What is User Experience (UX)?

Written by Thomas Sonck on 29-03-2019

This is the 1st article in a series of 4, discussing user experience. In this part, we talk about what we exactly understand about user experience. As awareness is the first step to change, let us kick off with some basics and answer the question: “What is it?”.