Show me how

3D Rendering

Add Home

For the West-Flemish start up “Add Home”, Canyon Clan created 3D concept renders of shipping containers that are transformed into extra bed rooms, man caves, fitness rooms and much more. It was our pleasure to help them kick-off their great product.

Customer Needs Analysis


For the insurance broker group “grust.” Canyon Clan created a digital questionnaire. The target customers are able to answer some questions in a UX optimized way. The brokers then analyze the results and approach their customers in a personalized way.



Canyon Clan was glad to help Breezo with approaching their customers. By creating different folders for different customers, their story and how their clean air solution works, were told and presented in a way that engaged their potential customers.

UX Optimized Web Shop

The Laundry Market

Canyon Clan was asked to build an engaging and UX optimized web shop for the retail of industrial washing machines. By performing a study on how to engage the target market, we came up with a unique flow and customer experience. We keep on enhancing the UX for this project in the future, using usage data statistics analysis.